What makes you think it is about you?

For the Glory Seekers- We are all made to pursue greatness of some type. The question that we should answer is: Do we spend our lives seeking the glory of God or our own glory. Do we use our time, and energy to pursue the greatness of God’s kingdom, or our own kingdom? As for my most recent experiences in Oklahoma I have to be candid and say that a lot of the Brothers and Sisters in Christ that I have met have been more interested in pursuing their own roles in the Church making plans on what they will be in the future, I have heard them say-If only some of the older Pastors/ Ministers, and Evangelists would just step down and make room for everyone to see me,…It makes me pray for the Future of our Church. Unlike those that i hear say this, I am grateful to God for the Wisdom that my Pastor passes on to us with each word that God gives him, and I am concerned that whoever follows him will not have the closeness with God that our Pastor holds today.
So many Christians seek God’s kingdom as a means to seeking their own. They want you to believe they are so wrapped around the Gospel that they have never sinned, never made mistakes, never repented because they never had a need to they are perfect. My issue is that there are so many in the Ministry right now that are only interested in spreading Gods message in order to get attention drawn on themselves, which is really easy right now since we seem to have a subculture of Christians that want to be seen as celebrities instead of being seen as faithful followers and workers.
I think we need to take a look at ourselves examine our hearts and minds if selfish ambition is hiding in any of the corners, our out in front boldly we need to sit ourselves down and not wait for someone else in the Church to request we do so. So at the risk of offending anyone I want to offer my own opinions, not the Churches opinions on what I see, for your own self evaluation. These are not official questions, and have nothing to do with my Pastor and Elders because this is only my opinion.
These are just Darrin’s spin but this is what I use for self evaluation.
1. ‘If you are Great in your own mind’ Maybe you’ve mastered treating others as if they are important – you know the type smile in your face and agree with you in public but as soon as you are gone they throw you under the bus –There is nothing Holy about that
“If you think” Other people have a lot of growing to do they need to listen to you and they would be better off. Do you have a hard time staying quiet as others speak because you’re pretty sure you have the right answer and they just need clarity that only you can provide?
If this is you, your understanding of greatness is distorted. You think pursuing greatness means believing you are truly ‘great’ in your own mind.
3. ‘Potentially great ’If you are that someone that doesn’t pursue greatness or visibility, but you are content watching others do ‘great’ things in the Church.. If anything, you tell yourself, you are doing what God wants you to do and that is come to worship you need to believe in yourself. It could be that you are not listening to what God wants you to do. If you fear failure that deeply and would rather remain ‘the person with potential’ than actually try and fail?
Your greatness is so precious to you, that you won’t even risk trying because failure would absolutely destroy you.
4. ‘I’d be great if others would just notice’ This one is my favorite. Maybe you spend your time serving like crazy, or so you think. But, if you serve for weeks or months without receiving the thanks you ‘deserve’, then you feel as if you are being overlooked and go out of your way to get Elders, and Pastors attention by doing something that is not in their plan but you think they just don’t know what they should be doing so you do it anyways… But when you get corrected you feel they are coming down on you,..this turns into anger and finally turns into a deep bitterness.
It doesn’t matter what you’d say, you’re working for the praise of man, not God. Your pleasure in serving is increased when people pay attention and when people applaud; God’s approval just isn’t sufficient.
Which of the 4 do you relate to most? Maybe I am sharing my opinion a little too much but i think you have a right to know how I view things, believe me just because I haven’t come straight out and called you by name there is a chance that someone reading this falls squarely in these areas-but again this is only my opinion. God Bless you, be assured you are in my prayers.
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