Who’s choice is it anyway?

When you are torn between understanding a decision and trying to figure it all out this is what I like to call the crate. Sometimes I find myself inside this crate looking out the gaps in the side to try and see if the answer on the outside is something that I am comfortable with before I fully commit to acceptance of the answer. This never works, you can never fully see what the outcome will be until you commit yourself to trying something, I have tried watching others make decisions and using the outcomes of their situation as a baseline- guide to help me to make decisions thinking I can learn from their mistakes like I have always heard others say in the past. There is a flaw with that notion, everyone reacts differently to different situations in their life therefore it isnt possible for everyone to have the same outcome, and if that is flawed than why would I believe that watching someone else make mistakes and doing the opposite could possibly benifit me. So this is like saying that a friend makes horrible investments and suffers financially because of the bad decisions they have made i should not make financial investments just in case…I dont think so

I think that sometimes its best to just get out of the crate itself and look back inside at what the issue was that was keeping you inside the crate. This is when you say enough of this crate talk what is it you are trying to say,..lol ok here is where I am going.
Sometimes God will annoint a person do to a certain mission in life and you have to move out on your faith and do whatever it is that you are supposed to be doing. There is no peaking through the crate to see what the outcome will be, you have to kick the lid off and step out. I believe that when a person is called by God to do something the entire idea that you have a choice in the matter is incorrect. You may be a free thinker and believe that you have the final say in all matters pertaining to you but that isnt correct. What you are experiencing is commonly referred to as disobedience. Luke 6:46 says-Why do you call me Lord and not do what I tell you?I dont know about you but that is pretty powerful. When God has a need for us to do something we are to be humble servants and gladly do whatever he wants us to do, regardless of what the impact or effect will be on us- we do not that the bible tells us that God will never leave us or forsake us, so the fact that whatever it is you are doing you will not be alone in the matter if you keep God in it is enough reason to push and complete the mission whatever it is. I dont feel there is enough workers in Christiantiy I know there are plenty of watchers, I think we need to ask ourselves are we doing what God wants us to do or are we being disobedient.



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