Praises in the Atmosphere

I was thinking back about a certain day when i was sitting in Church and the Praise and Worship team started singing this song, “Praises going up-Blessings Come Down” I remember that they kept on going over and over those lyrics until every able member of the congregation had joined in singing those lyrics. Praises going up has changed the way that I have began to look at a lot of things. For example I have noticed on those days when I am not thanking God- things just dont seem right, people around me seem to rub me the wrong way almost intentionally sometimes. I have a tendacy to not think about the good things that have happened in my life as much as I think about the bad things. Ok, so if you kow me the fact that I am even alive is enough reason to send up Praise to God.

Let me give you something to think about. Have ever walked into a room and instantly sensed there was something wrong? Chances are there was. The atmosphere, (when not referring to the gases that surround the earth), is defined as a mood or feeling. So the mood within a room is dictated by what we think, how we act, and by the words we speak. This is true of everyroom everywhere not just places that I hang out to be clear on that. Satan, the devil, Lucifer whatever you decide to call him controls the atmosphere around us, but only if we let him. He is constantly trying to deceive us by trying to influence us in negative ways. We can take control of the atmosphere where we are. It doesnt matter if we are at home, at work, or in a store, you have the authority to change the “air” around you. Ok all things revealed here is what must be done.

By praise and worship! Thats right I said it! Sing praises to God. Psalm 146

1) Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD, my soul.

2) I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

Whether it is out loud, or in a whisper, when you sing praises to the Lord, the enemy has to flee. tell me you got that, alright I have to say it again because i love to remind myself as well. When you sing praises to the Lord, the enemy has to flee. Im not making this stuff up read your Bible! Satan cannot stand to be in the same room when praises to God are spoken. My opinion is that it reminds him of him being cast out of heaven ( Luke 10: 17-18), and reminds him that he is already defeated and will always be defeated! So exactly what is this praise do?

1)Praise takes our minds off our problems and helps us focus on God.

2)Praise leads us from individual worship to group, as others join in the changing of the atmosphere.

2 Chronicles 5:13 – The trumpeters and musicians joined in unison to give praise and thanks to the LORD.

1) Praise helps us appreciate what God does for us.

2)Praise allows us to go from the natural to the heavenly.

The next time you feel heaviness within the air, change it. Put worship music on, sing along with it, or simply speak praises. Then watch how the atmosphere around you shifts from darkness to light, people change from being negative to positive, some people leave the area because they are no longer comfortable, people sensor themselves all because you put your praise on. So here is the thing If the immediate atmosphere around you can be changed by Praise, and God inhabits the Praise of his people, what do you think would happen if large groups of Christians openly praised God in a large group settings, like a group run. So now someone is saying where is Darrin going with this, well i am just putting it out there I think a group run with every available believer singing Gods praises running, or walking through the various neighborhoods in our community would release those Praises and change the atmosphere in those areas! But what do you think?


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