Whats Gods plan for us, this is a question that I have asked myself on countless occasions, im sure that I am not alone on this one. The even bigger yet still related question is will we ever know for sure that our walk is exactly what he wants for us. But what we do know is the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,and he delighteth in his way.(Psalms 37:23)

Here is what i know, The Bible clearly points out the things that we as Christians should not do in the Old Covenant, however going into the new Covenant the Bible clearly states in Hebrews, (12:2) that God is the author and finisher of our faith. Whats the point right, The point is the one thing that we can be sure of is that the Bible in itself is a referance guide. I like to think of it as a  “How to”  book.its like anything else in life if you plan your endstate first before going on your journey you have to next plan a route, and since that route is already laid out for us in this How To book,(Bible) i feel that not only was the route=how to, must have been planned but what we will do on the way has been planned as well. Ok on the other side of the this since i have this how to guide I am using this tool to guide me in recieving all the blessings that I can, you should to. If it wasnt meant to be you would not have this How to book.

Here is one thing that I am sure of-we as Christians are called to go out into the world and to lead as many as we can into salvation.( Mathew 28:16-20. ) I have heard some peole say Christians are a little radical with their pushing religeon on others. I think we are not radical enough. We are living in a time when almost everything is consented to, and we are ordered to conform. I dont agree-in fact I am tipping the weight in the other direction and would like your help. I say lets win souls regardless of the outcome-lets emerge from whatever we are doing and choose to make today a soul winning day. Every person that we have a conversation with should depart with an opinion about our spirituality. There is no reason that a city the size of Lawton, Ft. Sill, Duncan,(BTW we need to pray for Duncan) Cache, and Chicasha, that has so many churches, has so few christians actually witnessing to the lost. We have to ask ourselves are we doers of the word or simply bystanders waiting for someone else to do what God told us all to do.

It doesnt matter if this is something you do at work, it doesnt matter if you corner someone at the weekly group runs we have here in Lawton, it doesnt matter if you are at the new Academy sports store and someone recognizes you and says hello. it doesnt matter if you are running down Lee Blvd. on your weekly run, hands raised praising god for the ability to run…ok thats just me. Thats your window of opportunity! Radical or not there is nothing wrong with beginning your conversation with – God bless you, how are you today? It is time for us to Emerge!

Stay in your word, allow the Holy spirit to use you to help someone today, God bless you all.

~barefoot = Send me 7


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