Reject the Comfort the world can offer you!

It has been a while since I last posted a blog but something has been on my mind lately and I thought I would express it here, follow me on my thought and respond please.
I think that a lot of Saints, Christians, Believers whatever you address yourself as have become comfortable. Comfortable with the way we talk, the way we act, the things we do, the people we spend time around. There is a reason we are comfortable- we are not having conflict in our lives as a result of the lifestyle we have. Let me explain, In most of the New Testament there is suffering, lots of suffering. In Hebrews 13:12 Jesus is suffering- Jesus suffered and died outside of the gate-outside of the city. He was crucified outside of the city taken out like garbage away from the people, out where they took anything unclean, crucified with the worst. They basically said you are not good enough to be crucified in the city they took him out with those that had been rejected form the city. Yet we as Saints of God, Christians, Believers – those that are supposed to be walking in the image of God, living a life that is pleasing to God, we are surpised when we have trials when things don’t go our way, when things seem to be against us. This is supposed to happen to us, this is the way it is supposed to be. Quit asking yourself why am I suffering, just start praising God right there as you are going through it, praise yourself right out of the situation. if you are not suffering then you should not be at peace – you have missed something.
You should be worried why you are not suffering, why you are not being attacked. You should be asking yourself why Satan is not attacking you. The answer is right here closer than you think it is – You aren’t doing anything that warants an attack so he doesnt have to attack you. Ask yourself are you living a Holy life – one that is pleasing to God, do you spend time in prayer, do you fast, are you spreading the news of Gods redemptive love to those that need to hear it? WE NEED TO REJECT COMFORT!
Comfort by definition is-( a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint ) Comfort is a sign that we are not living like Christ wants us to live. Im not saying that we should have only bad times, Im saying that living a Christian life should have major challenges and hurdles, things that come your way that you are not expecting to distract you from your goal, to keep you off the mission. We cannot forget that this is a spiritual war. John 15:20 says- Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. Be mindful that if we are doing the work that God has told us to do here on earth things will happen, they should happen, it is when they dont that we need to re evaluate where we are in God. Dont get comfortable, stay in tune with God. As my pastor would say stay on the old path.

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“There is Power in your witness”

 ~ Sometimes we forget where we came from, all of the negative things that have happened to us in our past somehow seem to go unremembered and that interferes with our understanding of someone else’s current situation. I like to think we are what our past experiences has shaped us to be. We tend to focus on today, losing the lessons learned from yesterday. How many times have we had to pull ourselves up from the negative situations we found ourselves in only to find ourselves in the positive situations that we are currently in. Countless hours in prayer, fasting, anointing ourselves asking God for direction praying for clarification, understanding, and forgiveness. What have we done to say thank you to God? When is the last time you just said thank you to God? Why not? I don’t want to speak for anyone else because I know that you have never been through anything that caused you to beg God for mercy, – that was just something that I have had to do. There are so many people in the World/Country/ Town that need someone to speak with, someone that does not try to fix their problem someone that will just listen to them. Someone that will not condemn them, someone that will pray with them. Someone that will lift them up and be there to help them if they need it. Most of all someone that will Intercede on their behalf to God. What we forget is that everyone we meet is an opportunity to witness, we have to be thoughtful and prayerful when we are trying to help someone, when we are talking to someone we don’t know. There is power in your witness, be slow to speak and quick to listen stay in prayer and allow the Holy spirit to minister to you and you will know what to say and if you need to say anything. ((James 1:19)So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.)

Sometimes it is the uniqueness of your past experiences that have the most affect on a person when talking to them, if you can relate to their situation tell them and tell them why, people find comfort in knowing that someone has experiences similar problems. Don’t be afraid that you don’t have the words, remember your words come with Power of the Holy Spirit. 

~1 Corinthians 2 1-5

1 And I, brethren, when I came to you, did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God.

2 For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

3 I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling.

4 And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of humanwisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power

5 That your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

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Isaiah 6:8 And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

In 2013 I learned a few things about myself, I learned that no matter how close I thought I was with God I could never be close enough to avoid all of the issues that I face in my daily life. I learned that even though I spend time in prayer daily sometimes it isnt enough to just pray alone. I learned that rescue prayers are for those in need of a rescue, but not necesarily for giving God thanks.(Sometimes/ most times we need to just say thanks and show our gratitude) I learned that of all things I am a work in progress and where I am today in my walk with Christ does not really mean I have reached my potential or that my calling has been fully manifested at this time. I learned that Gods plan is the only plan that matters and I had to get out of the way of my own blessings.
What I know now is what I have known since childhood- I want to do whatever I have to do to please God! While others are making New year resolutions, I am making promises, not to myself but to God. Sounds like this..God I want to live right and be your servant, use me to do your will, keep me – strengthen me, teach me what to say to bring others in to your grace, keep me on my Mission and be glorified through me, let others see your presence in me and order my steps so I can do your will. If you know me you know that I am always somewhere in the community doing something in a voluntary status,Running groups, volunteer work, pancake breakfasts,..etc. thats not for bragging rights but because you never know what type of difference you can make in someones life. I have met the most amazing people by simply spending time volunteering in some way. Isnt that what we as Christians/ Saints are supposed to do give and be a blessing to someone else. My goal is to make myself available for Gods work, Matthew 5:16 says – Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. I will be re-launching the Lawton Chapter of Christian Runners in mid February. This will be no ordinary running club, because we will have no ordinary leader – we will have God as the head of the group and allow him to dictate what we do in this community through this group. This will be an ALL Saints club = Interdenominational, We will not allow things like tradition to interfere with Gods work in us. Guide lines are easy, we will meet, we will pray, we will share Gods word, we will RUN, and we will fellowship one with another,…what are your questions..

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What makes you think it is about you?

For the Glory Seekers- We are all made to pursue greatness of some type. The question that we should answer is: Do we spend our lives seeking the glory of God or our own glory. Do we use our time, and energy to pursue the greatness of God’s kingdom, or our own kingdom? As for my most recent experiences in Oklahoma I have to be candid and say that a lot of the Brothers and Sisters in Christ that I have met have been more interested in pursuing their own roles in the Church making plans on what they will be in the future, I have heard them say-If only some of the older Pastors/ Ministers, and Evangelists would just step down and make room for everyone to see me,…It makes me pray for the Future of our Church. Unlike those that i hear say this, I am grateful to God for the Wisdom that my Pastor passes on to us with each word that God gives him, and I am concerned that whoever follows him will not have the closeness with God that our Pastor holds today.
So many Christians seek God’s kingdom as a means to seeking their own. They want you to believe they are so wrapped around the Gospel that they have never sinned, never made mistakes, never repented because they never had a need to they are perfect. My issue is that there are so many in the Ministry right now that are only interested in spreading Gods message in order to get attention drawn on themselves, which is really easy right now since we seem to have a subculture of Christians that want to be seen as celebrities instead of being seen as faithful followers and workers.
I think we need to take a look at ourselves examine our hearts and minds if selfish ambition is hiding in any of the corners, our out in front boldly we need to sit ourselves down and not wait for someone else in the Church to request we do so. So at the risk of offending anyone I want to offer my own opinions, not the Churches opinions on what I see, for your own self evaluation. These are not official questions, and have nothing to do with my Pastor and Elders because this is only my opinion.
These are just Darrin’s spin but this is what I use for self evaluation.
1. ‘If you are Great in your own mind’ Maybe you’ve mastered treating others as if they are important – you know the type smile in your face and agree with you in public but as soon as you are gone they throw you under the bus –There is nothing Holy about that
“If you think” Other people have a lot of growing to do they need to listen to you and they would be better off. Do you have a hard time staying quiet as others speak because you’re pretty sure you have the right answer and they just need clarity that only you can provide?
If this is you, your understanding of greatness is distorted. You think pursuing greatness means believing you are truly ‘great’ in your own mind.
3. ‘Potentially great ’If you are that someone that doesn’t pursue greatness or visibility, but you are content watching others do ‘great’ things in the Church.. If anything, you tell yourself, you are doing what God wants you to do and that is come to worship you need to believe in yourself. It could be that you are not listening to what God wants you to do. If you fear failure that deeply and would rather remain ‘the person with potential’ than actually try and fail?
Your greatness is so precious to you, that you won’t even risk trying because failure would absolutely destroy you.
4. ‘I’d be great if others would just notice’ This one is my favorite. Maybe you spend your time serving like crazy, or so you think. But, if you serve for weeks or months without receiving the thanks you ‘deserve’, then you feel as if you are being overlooked and go out of your way to get Elders, and Pastors attention by doing something that is not in their plan but you think they just don’t know what they should be doing so you do it anyways… But when you get corrected you feel they are coming down on you,..this turns into anger and finally turns into a deep bitterness.
It doesn’t matter what you’d say, you’re working for the praise of man, not God. Your pleasure in serving is increased when people pay attention and when people applaud; God’s approval just isn’t sufficient.
Which of the 4 do you relate to most? Maybe I am sharing my opinion a little too much but i think you have a right to know how I view things, believe me just because I haven’t come straight out and called you by name there is a chance that someone reading this falls squarely in these areas-but again this is only my opinion. God Bless you, be assured you are in my prayers.
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You think it’s bad now, …just hold on the best is yet to come. Romans 8:18

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed to us.

Listening to the local news over the past few weeks I find myself wondering what is going on in this little town in the Bible belt that has more Churches than Liquor stores and clubs combined. Being from a much larger metropolitan area it amazes me the high level of crime that takes place here in Lawton. The drugs, the senseless killing, the rapes, the stealing just to name a few of the things that make me miss home, thats right it is safer in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) than it is here in Lawton. But doesnt that make you wonder why, with all of these Christians and all of these God fearing people in the area, how is it that a city this size can not be reclaimed for the Glory of God? A few would theorize that it isnt the size of the city, or the type of people that reside there it is the availability of the drugs, and gangs, prostitution etc.. that make it so people cant pull themselves out of sin. I have to disagree – before you get started.

People are not getting the word, there is no other way of putting it, we as Christians are not getting out into the street where the hate and hurt are and witnessing. Is it because of fear? Is it that we are so scared that we may become a victim ourselves of unecesary violence. No matter what trouble there is around us we have to carry the word of God into the areas where sin is most prevalent. Everytime we avoid a witness we hurt someones ability to come into Gods grace. Dont tell me not to go on the Southside of Lawton and minister, dont tell me to make sure that I stay away from C, or D avenue after dark. I dont care how bad Ft. Sill blvd can be at night, Dont tell me about Lawton Heights these are things that I can only pray about.. I understand there are some bad things that take place there,..but can you imagine the reward that awaits in heaven for doing only what God has told you to do in the beginning spread the word of his goodness.

I dont feel that it matters how bad the world is becoming because I am not living for this present world, I am living for the world to come!

The trouble of this earth will be forgotten when I am standing in the presence of God!




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Spiritual Logic

People who are strong in scripture are normally less fluent in spiritual giftings and they need to press in for more spiritual gifts.
These people are more left brained, logical, analytical, less subjective, and more expressive in quoting and understanding scripture. They have a harder time expressing their feelings, especially on an emotional level. Their comfort zones are in organizing facts, numbers and hands on functions that build things like chemistry, engineering and mechanics. They study how things relate and understand the basics of cause and effect. They are able to visualize their goal and then use the facts of cause and effect to obtain it.
The Lord is drawing us near with an increased urgency and sense of hunger for the supernatural so we may also function in the spiritual gifts. Operating in spiritual gifts is a fulfilling experience that bypasses the analytical brain and meets the longing of one’s heart and soul. The scripture tells us to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. (Mark 12:30) God is wanting a balance of all parts to connect as a divine marriage in our relationships with Him so that we grow up into the fullness of Jesus Christ.
One of the keys for increasing spiritual gifts is to learn to come into a oneness with God. You have to recieve him as your personal savior, it is your relationship that matters, how you worship him. (I John 4:19) This takes trust to be willing to open up and be vulnerable to the life the Lord is bringing to us. The power to receive is the most important part of getting past doubt, hesitation, fear, and concern for loss of control. All of these are obstacles to operating in spiritual gifts. God has been waiting on us to fulfill this scripture: Ezek 36:26-27 NKJV
I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.
have found that people who are highly creative do not enjoy reading if it is to learn facts. They enjoy reading stories more because they filter what they read through their soul and emotions. I like to study and pick apart the scriptures,Instead of studying the scripture like usual, consider listening to the Lord through reading headings.Headings help us find themes that are a framework where everything can be placed in order to make sense.
When you begin to read scripture on a personal level, it comes to life in a different way than studying, it comes to life on a heart level where the Spirit of God can touch your feelings and soul.
When you underline something, it is because you have read it and it hit home. If it hit home once, and you turn to it again, chances are the Lord is walking you around the block until it becomes a part of your daily life.

What do you mean I need bold faith ?

If you dont know me personally I need to let you in, sorta.. a long time ago I was called to evangelize.

However., unlike a lot of people that I know Evangelism is one of my biggest fears, fear of failure but not because of the normal reasons ex; being challenged by someone, told off by someone, not knowing the angles etc.. I have always had this fear of having to engage strangers and try to pry into lives in order to help them to find Christ. When I was younger some of the men in our church would grab the younger men and go out street preaching and passing out Tracts witnessing to strangers about God. This scared me in a way that you cant imagine. I didnt have a desire to engage in conversation with total strangers to discuss anything for the most part and I didnt want them to engage me either. In a lot of ways I still feel this way, What I have heard said about this on many occasions is that I need to pray for Boldness, WHY????? So because I spend my most quality time alone I have more time to think than most(:) Here is what I came up with all by myself,
Why would I want to pray for something that I really dont want, and who said I need to be bold? I am perfectly content among family and those closest to me and can engage them intellectually and at times joke with them, talk about religeous views and hold a great conversation with them. If I dont have these discussions with you well,..dont take it personally but you’re not in my circle. I realize that we all have been instructed to evangelize, and this is where my confusion comes from. Since anything that is not obedience is naturally disobedience then is not going out and interacting with others openly like an extrovert wrong? And does this mean I cant carry out the Mission that God has placed before me? I think that God being the creator has wired me this way and he knew what he was doing when he created me, There is obviously something there that says maybe I am not supposed to engage others in that same manner. Initially, I wanted to change not really for myself but because I thought and felt that I have too in order to do what I need to do in the Ministry. After seeing all of these Charismatic and outgoing extroverts in the Ministry and in the evangelism, and missionary field I felt confused on how to get myself from here to there and still maintain some resembelance of who I am . I had people pray for me to be “bold” and to “step out of my comfort zone.” I was going to kill my reclusive personality in order to fit a mold. After all, the world was perishing. Dont ask me why I thought I was the only one at the time that cared. I started going out every week, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not bring myself to participate in the community outreach, or street evangelism. I had seen the need in the world, and the world saw my failure to meet that need it was obvious, or at least the men that i went out there with did. I was frustrated and angry with myself for failing. The desire to help someone find Gods place in their lives never left, in fact it has continued to grow stronger.
I needed to remind myself of who created me, who I was and what I could be- regardless of my introverted personality. I was reminded by my mother that God had put His hands in my life at any early age, and it didnt matter what I wanted to be, there was already a plan in motion that I would one day fulfill. If I was made with specific intentions, and God planned to do great things through me I needed to embrace this was easy for her to say, I love my mother and thank God for her but sometimes I want to scream take it back…lol. I had to learn that, in fact, I do like talking to people—I just don’t like talking to strangers. I love discussion, especially about faith and theology. If someone wants to discuss beliefs, or running, soccer, or politics, I could probably talk for hours but I can’t force it on them.( two parts of conversation = sending + recieving.) Believe me, I’ve tried to start a forced conversation about running and people just aren’t interested.
Looking at myself I know I have to fulfill this calling, what I feel led to do, thats easy Evangelize in the way I was wired to do it.
Introverts have an advantage in that listening is a huge part of having a conversation. A lot of people like to hear the sound of their own voice in a world in need of more listeners. Not being great conversationalistallows talkers to automatically put introverts in a good position to listen. Everybody has a story to tell, and we as Christians need to have open ears to hear what people are saying. Everything is sacred and important to someone—there are no irrelevant conversations, and God can use all situations for the purposes of His Kingdom.
Since I don’t feel natural approaching strangers to talk about the Gospel, I will try another approach more suited to my personality and gifts. I Accept my differences and will learn to mark it off instead of wishing I was different- extroverted. I think it all comes down to doing what you are best at doing and love to do. God needs us all to do our own unique part in reaching and ministering to the world. There are too many people out there “doing work” for Jesus and taking credit for what they feel is their work for god, and not enough people out there giving God all of the credit for the work that he is doing through them.
Maybe we are not supposed to be the “bold” type, the life of the party or someone who feels comfortable talking out spirituality with strangers. I believe it takes an introverted evangelist to reach and introverted person in need. I also believe that although an introverted person may understand and extroverted evangelist, the extrovert may not be able to reach that person, and there is a good chance that the introvert will spend more time wondering how to get out of the conversation than on how to continue the conversation. If you’re an introvert, you may have a different opinion about this scripture than most, i guess you know my opinion about the meaning of the scripture 1 Corinthians 9:22: “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.”
Please respond to the blog, – or not your choice but if we dont engage in conversation all the time all the time at least you know understand why I still love you in Christ…:)

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